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What Dropshipping Gurus Won’t Tell You (Episode 25)

What Dropshipping Gurus Won’t Tell You (Episode 25)

September 04, 20238 min read

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Key Takeaways:

★ Dropshipping myths oversimplify the journey; understanding the actual challenges is vital for sustained success.

★ Quick success myths mirror fitness challenges promising rapid transformations - true success demands quality, effort, and a solid foundation.

★ Learning from mistakes is an integral part of the journey; appreciating the value of original thinking helps avoid common pitfalls.

★ Conventional dropshipping gurus often ignore genuine challenges, creating unrealistic expectations for aspiring entrepreneurs.

★ The Home-Turf Advantage (HTA) model champions localised suppliers, next-day delivery, and high-ticket products for authentic and lasting success.


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Topics Discussed:


In this episode of the Dropship Unlocked podcast, the hosts debunk common myths about dropshipping and emphasise the need for realistic expectations and hard work. They caution against blindly following dropshipping gurus and highlight the importance of seeking credible sources of information and a supportive community. They discuss the dangers of relying on cheap products from China and advocate for the home turf advantage model that involves working with local suppliers for faster delivery and higher profit margins. They also discuss the process of starting a dropshipping business, the importance of planning and continuous learning, and share a success story from one of their students. Overall, they stress the importance of building a sustainable and profitable dropshipping business through quality products, excellent customer service, and effective strategies.

00:00:00 In this section, the hosts of the Dropship Unlocked podcast discuss the common myths and misconceptions surrounding dropshipping. They emphasise that many gurus paint an overly simplified and unrealistic picture of dropshipping, leading to unrealistic expectations. The hosts point out that dropshipping requires attention, effort, and understanding, and it is not a guaranteed easy route to success. They debunk the myth of selling the cheapest products available and highlight the importance of providing quality products and excellent customer service to build a sustainable brand. They also contrast their approach, which focuses on building a high-profit, low-maintenance e-commerce business, with the low-quality, volume-driven approach often promoted by gurus. Overall, they emphasise the need to set realistic expectations and prioritise long-term success over quick profits.

00:05:00 In this section, the hosts discuss the importance of being cautious when consuming online advice and information about dropshipping. They explain that many online influencers and gurus offer quick and easy solutions to success, but in reality, building a sustainable dropshipping business requires more than just simple steps. They emphasise the need for credible sources of information and a supportive community to assist with troubleshooting and guidance when facing challenges. The hosts also share personal experiences of following poor advice and making costly mistakes, highlighting the importance of original thinking and adapting strategies to individual circumstances. They caution against solely relying on free YouTube videos or online forums, as the credibility of the sources may vary greatly. Ultimately, they stress the need to approach dropshipping with a realistic mindset and seek out reliable mentors or programs for long-term success.

00:10:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the dangers of following dropshipping gurus and their claims of a simple and lucrative 123-step system. They explain that while some people may experience initial success, problems quickly arise, such as high costs, shipping delays, and customer complaints. The lack of a blueprint or guidance makes it difficult to troubleshoot these issues, leading to frustration and a sense of being cheated. The confirmation bias kicks in, and individuals justify their failure by labelling dropshipping as a scam. The speaker emphasises the importance of finding reliable resources, like the Dropship Unlocked program, to avoid these pitfalls and maximise the life-changing potential that dropshipping can offer.

00:15:00 In this section, the speaker reflects on their own experience with following dropshipping advice from gurus and highlights the problems they encountered. They realised that the typical guidance provided by gurus oversimplifies the challenges and fails to mention the real difficulties of running a dropshipping business. The speaker emphasises the importance of acknowledging the hard work and effort required for success in this field, and the satisfaction that comes from overcoming obstacles along the way. They suggest seeking mentors and resources that offer authentic insights and have actual experience running e-commerce businesses. Building a community of like-minded individuals who can support and guide you through the inevitable challenges is also crucial. Ultimately, the speaker believes that the journey itself, with all its difficulties, is what makes the end result worthwhile.

00:20:00 In this section, Lewis discusses the typical advice that is often given when first starting dropshipping, which is to sell cheap products from China with long delivery times. He explains that this model is not a scam and can generate some profit, but it comes with razor-thin margins, angry customers, and no long-term value or potential for growth. Instead, Lewis advocates for the home turf advantage model, which involves working with local suppliers in your own market. This allows for faster delivery times, better customer satisfaction, and the potential to sell higher-priced products with higher profit margins. By focusing on building relationships with suppliers and selling quality products, one can create a sustainable and profitable dropshipping business.

00:25:00 In this section, the speaker discusses how the home turf advantage model in dropshipping allows for more attainable and simple ways to make a consistent monthly net income. They emphasise the importance of focusing on profit rather than just sales, and highlight the benefits of building relationships with local suppliers, who can offer better rates, deals, and faster delivery. Additionally, they explain how using Google ads instead of social media ads can lead to higher conversion rates and avoid issues with account suspension. They also mention the ability to automate certain aspects of the business, such as customer service, allowing for a more flexible and passive income stream. Although challenges exist, the speaker emphasises that this business model provides a clear path to success when following the steps taught in the Dropship Unlocked program.

00:30:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the initial process of starting a dropshipping business and mentions that one can begin by handling all aspects themselves, even though costs may be a barrier to hiring a team right away. However, with time and the strategies provided, automation can be implemented, and a virtual assistant can be hired to handle the remaining tasks that cannot be automated. The importance of planning, selecting the right platform, understanding the target market, and choosing the right niche and products is emphasised. The speaker also encourages continuously learning from both successes and failures and suggests listening to previous podcast episodes for valuable tips. They mention their book, "The Home Turf Advantage," as a resource for building a dropshipping business and invite listeners to email questions for the podcast. They conclude by asking for ratings and reviews to support the growth of the show.

00:35:00 In this section, the hosts talk about a student named Andy who has found success in his dropshipping business. Andy made £22,000 in sales in his first month and achieved a 20x return on ad spend. The hosts emphasise that they don't take credit for Andy's success, as he did it all himself using the step-by-step program they provided. They also discuss the day-to-day tasks of running a dropshipping business, which include managing the team, aligning everyone with business goals, paying invoices to suppliers, and monitoring and optimising ad performance. As the business grows, delegation and optimisation become more important. The hosts highlight the importance of enjoying the fruits of labor and being able to have freedom and flexibility, which is why many people start their own business in the first place. They also remind listeners to leave reviews and share the podcast to help counter misinformation and spark conversations about building an online business authentically and successfully.



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