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How To Sign UK Dropshipping Suppliers (Episode 22)

How To Sign UK Dropshipping Suppliers (Episode 22)

August 14, 20238 min read

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🗣 In today’s discussion, we're diving deep into a critical aspect of ecommerce success - the art of discovering and partnering with UK suppliers. 

Get ready to unravel the secrets to building a solid foundation for your dropshipping business by working with reliable UK suppliers.

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Key Takeaways:

★ Choose the right dropshipping model that aligns with your business goals and opt for high-quality products with fast delivery times.

★ Embrace the HTA model to establish a lucrative ecommerce business powered by reliable UK suppliers.

★ Research your niche thoroughly, identify other dropshipping retailers, and evaluate potential suppliers within your chosen niche.

★ Approach potential suppliers professionally, showcasing your business plan and outlining the mutual benefits of partnership.

★ Present a polished image through professional company details, phone numbers, and email addresses.

★ Prepare comprehensive responses to frequently asked supplier questions and demonstrate your industry knowledge.

★ Showcase your marketing strategies to suppliers, highlighting your ability to drive sales and enhance brand visibility.

★ Avoid pitfalls by maintaining professionalism, being knowledgeable about your marketing efforts, and fostering strong relationships with suppliers.


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Topics Discussed:

In this episode, the hosts explain the importance of working with UK dropshipping suppliers who are already set up for dropshipping. They suggest avoiding middlemen directories and instead reaching out directly to brands in the UK. The speaker also highlights the benefits of working with suppliers who can provide high-quality products and fast delivery times. They mention that having a professional email address, phone number, and a limited company in place can enhance the chances of forming successful partnerships with suppliers. The section concludes with the promise of providing actionable steps for signing UK suppliers in the rest of the episode.

00:00:00 In this section of the video, the speaker emphasises the importance of working with UK dropshipping suppliers who are already set up for dropshipping. They suggest avoiding middlemen directories and instead reaching out directly to brands in the UK. The speaker also highlights the benefits of working with suppliers who can provide high-quality products and fast delivery times. They mention that having a professional email address, phone number, and a limited company in place can enhance the chances of forming successful partnerships with suppliers. The section concludes with the promise of providing actionable steps for signing UK suppliers in the rest of the episode.

00:05:00 In this section, the speaker reflects on the challenges and mistakes they made when working with suppliers from China and emphasises the importance of finding UK-based suppliers who are already set up for dropshipping. They highlight the advantages of working with UK suppliers, such as higher-quality products, faster shipping, and higher profit margins. The speaker advises against relying on directories and suggests going directly to the brands in the UK to find reliable suppliers. They also discuss the crucial step of deciding the type of dropshipping model one wants to pursue before engaging with suppliers.

00:10:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the importance of working with reputable suppliers in dropshipping to maintain brand reputation and ensure customer satisfaction. They emphasise the need for suppliers who offer quality products and fast delivery times to avoid tarnishing branding and dealing with unhappy customers. They compare the two types of dropshipping models: the flashy but unreliable one and the stable and long-term model that relies on UK suppliers for UK customers. They advocate for the latter, which allows for a sustainable business with a great reputation. The speaker also explains the process of finding the right UK suppliers and advises on choosing a niche before searching for suppliers. They mention the importance of validating a niche market and observing other dropshipping retailers in that niche to identify suitable suppliers.

00:15:00 In this section, the hosts discuss the importance of finding dropshipping suppliers in the UK. They advise that once you have validated your niche and confirmed that suppliers in that niche are willing to dropship, it is crucial to approach the suppliers professionally and communicate the right message. The hosts recommend meeting suppliers face to face if possible, as it builds trust and shows your commitment. However, they acknowledge that this may not always be feasible, so the next best option would be a phone call or video meeting. They also emphasise the advantage of choosing a specific niche and working with suppliers who are already familiar with dropshipping, as it ensures a higher conversion rate and easier collaboration. By starting with suppliers who are already dropshipping, you can quickly gain momentum and then expand your list of suppliers as needed.

00:20:00 In this section, the speaker emphasises the importance of making a strong initial outreach to potential suppliers. They advise introducing your business and highlighting how you can increase their sales. It's crucial to focus on the supplier's needs and show them the benefits of working with you. Additionally, being clear, concise, and professional is essential in standing out among other inquiries. The speaker also suggests being prepared to answer questions about pricing, lead time, return policy, and more. They stress the importance of approaching suppliers as a 50/50 partnership, where both parties benefit. Lastly, once the conversation is successful and the supplier is interested, the speaker advises asking for account opening forms and discussing margins. They suggest showing commitment by generating sales first and then negotiating better prices based on the supplier's willingness to increase margins. The speaker also recommends setting up a follow-up call to review the sales and demonstrate the potential for growth. By presenting yourself as a valuable partner, you increase the chances of successfully signing UK dropshipping suppliers.

00:25:00 In this section, the hosts discuss common mistakes people make when contacting suppliers and offer advice on how to avoid them. Some mistakes include not having a limited company in place, using unprofessional contact details like a personal email address or mobile number, and lacking knowledge about the niche and the supplier's products. They emphasise the importance of establishing trust and credibility by showing genuine interest in the supplier and having prepared answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, they stress the need for a solid marketing plan to demonstrate value to the supplier. A professional email and phone number, along with knowledge about the industry, can make a significant impact on the initial impression made on the supplier.

00:30:00 In this section, the host mentions a funny sales trainer on YouTube named Benjamin Delta who has great videos on getting past gatekeepers. He shares that Benjamin's approach is confident and direct, shocking gatekeepers and allowing him to reach decision-makers easily. The host suggests watching Benjamin's videos as there is a lot to learn from his techniques. Additionally, the host emphasises the importance of having a script while on the phone, even if one doesn't have a sales background. They then provide some action steps for signing UK suppliers, such as deciding on a niche, researching the market, identifying high-selling brands, and contacting suppliers directly. The host also mentions their book, "The Home Turf Advantage," as a resource for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process.

00:35:00 In this section, the hosts answer a question from a listener about Google Ads. They explain that Google Ads are powerful because they offer intent-based advertising to customers who are actively searching for something. This makes the traffic from Google ads higher quality and more likely to convert into sales. Additionally, Google ads allow for precise targeting and retargeting, making them a valuable tool for driving traffic and sales for high ticket dropshipping stores. They mention that they use various strategies within Google ads such as Performance Max campaigns, search campaigns, video campaigns, and display network campaigns. They also mention that they will delve deeper into this topic in a future episode.

00:40:00 In this section, the podcast host thanks the audience for joining and mentions that they have condensed their years of experience into a book called "The Home Turf Advantage" that serves as a comprehensive guide for creating an e-commerce business. They encourage listeners to stay connected by subscribing to the podcast and leaving reviews, as they appreciate the feedback. The host expresses gratitude for the audience's time and looks forward to sharing more dropshipping insights in future episodes.



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