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Stop Dreading Mondays and Living For The Weekend (Episode 20)

July 31, 20238 min read

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🗣 Welcome back to another episode of the Dropship Unlocked Podcast, hosted by ecommerce business owners Lewis Smith and James Eardley.

Today, we're diving deep into the topic of the culture of living for the weekend and why so many people dread Mondays.

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Key Takeaways:

★ Recognise the importance of lifestyle design to overcome the Monday Blues and achieve personal fulfillment.

★ Embrace dropshipping as a means to gain control over your work and time, design your lifestyle, and create a business that brings joy and financial rewards.

★ Start by exploring your passions and values, educate yourself about dropshipping, and take action to build a business that aligns with your ideal life.

★ Don't let the Monday Blues define your life. Take charge of your future and design a life you love with dropshipping. Join us on this journey to transform the way you think about Mondays and live a life that truly fulfills you.


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Topics Discussed:

In this YouTube video titled "Stop Dreading Mondays and Living For The Weekend," the speakers discuss the concept of the Monday blues and living for the weekend. They explore the reasons behind people's dissatisfaction with their jobs, such as lack of freedom and fulfilment, long working hours, and poor company culture. They challenge the societal construct of the nine-to-five workweek and encourage listeners to question the conditioning they have received. The speakers emphasise the importance of lifestyle design, consciously shaping one's life according to their values and desires. They discuss how running an ecommerce business, particularly dropshipping, can be well-suited for lifestyle design, offering flexibility and the potential for high profits. The speaker shares their personal experience of leaving a nine-to-five job and starting their own dropshipping business, highlighting the benefits of enjoying your work and having more control over your life. The video concludes with practical advice on how to stop dreading Mondays and start designing your own lifestyle, including reading "The Four Hour Workweek," creating a vision board, taking action, and joining a community of like-minded individuals.

00:00:00 In this section, the speakers discuss the concept of the Monday blues and living for the weekend. They explain that the Monday blues is not just about hating work, but rather about the lack of control and autonomy that people feel in their jobs. They compare it to a bird trapped in a cage, even though it's safe and fed, it still longs for its natural environment. The lack of freedom and fulfilment in work can contribute to the Monday blues, and it serves as a signal that something important is missing in one's professional or personal life.

00:05:00 In this section, the speakers discuss the main reasons why people often feel dissatisfaction and dread towards their jobs, leading to the Monday blues. They mention that job dissatisfaction is usually caused by factors such as lack of freedom and control, long working hours, poor company culture, and the absence of meaningful work. Additionally, they highlight the imbalance between work and personal life as a contributing factor to the lack of fulfilment. The speakers suggest that the societal construct of the Monday to Friday, nine-to-five grind has conditioned people to accept a lack of fulfilment and living for the weekend as the norm. They emphasise the importance of questioning this default way of working and finding alternative paths that can lead to greater fulfilment and satisfaction in one's career and life.

00:10:00 In this section, the speakers discuss the cultural structure of the nine-to-five workweek and how it has been ingrained in our lives since the industrial age. They question the idea of living for the weekend and express how it is strange that we spend the majority of our lives working, hoping to enjoy a small portion of free time. They also imagine a world where the workweek is reversed, where people have five days of freedom and only two days of work. Ultimately, they challenge the notion that this is the only way to live and encourage listeners to question the conditioning they have received.

00:15:00 In this section, the speakers discuss the societal norms and mindsets that contribute to the dread of Mondays and the general dissatisfaction with the workweek. They emphasise the importance of lifestyle design, which involves consciously designing and shaping one's life according to their values and desires, rather than simply conforming to societal expectations. By actively implementing lifestyle design principles, the speakers were able to leave their secure jobs and travel the world while running their businesses remotely. They encourage others to question the default "not bad" response and strive for a more fulfilling and personally tailored life.

00:20:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the concept of lifestyle design and how it can lead to job satisfaction and overcome the Monday blues. They mention that running an ecommerce business is well-suited for lifestyle design because it can be fully online, doesn't require holding stock, can be run from anywhere, and can be outsourced and automated. By having control over their time and being passionate about building a lifestyle business, the speaker looks forward to Mondays and feels fulfilled and driven to work on their business. They emphasise that enjoying your work is a crucial part of enjoying your life, even though it may shatter beliefs that it's not possible to look forward to Mondays.

00:25:00 In this section, the speaker shares their personal experience of leaving a nine-to-five job and starting their own e-commerce business. They believe that it is possible to love work and enjoy Monday mornings by actively choosing tasks and building something they are passionate about. They encourage listeners who still dread Mondays to see it as an opportunity to explore different paths and find something they truly enjoy. They discuss the benefits of dropshipping as a business model, highlighting how it fits into lifestyle design and offers the freedom to work from anywhere. The speaker emphasises the potential for high profits and the ability to automate and outsource tasks, ultimately building a valuable asset that can be sold in the future. They conclude by stating that dropshipping has allowed them to have a better lifestyle while earning more money than their previous job, and they hope this episode inspires listeners to find alternative ways of living and working.

00:30:00 In this section, Louis provides practical advice for listeners on how to stop dreading Mondays and start designing their own lifestyle. He recommends picking up a copy of "The Four Hour Workweek" and exploring what you really want from life, without being limited by others' goals and dreams. He suggests creating a vision board with photos that represent your desired life and referring to it every day for motivation. Louis also encourages taking action, whether it's starting a dropshipping business or pursuing another venture, and learning from mistakes along the way. He highlights the importance of joining a community of like-minded individuals and emphasises that the rewards at the end outweigh the challenges faced. Finally, Louis invites listeners to share their questions, stories, and successes via email for the chance to be featured on future episodes of the podcast.

00:35:00 In this section, the host discusses the importance of knowing the benefits that your supplier will receive by working with you. This includes increased brand awareness, market share, and marketing spend. They also suggest using the pre-launch or launch date to add urgency and set a deadline for the supplier. Once your business is up and running, it becomes easier to attract suppliers by emphasising that you are already working with their competitors. They recommend checking out the FAQs and supplier script for more detailed information on how to speak with suppliers. Once you have suppliers on board, it's crucial to maintain good relationships with them. Additionally, they encourage listeners to leave reviews, share the podcast, and connect with the community on social media to build a thriving community focused on e-commerce.



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