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Dropship Unlocked Review - "The Most Comprehensive Dropshipping Program in the UK"

July 24, 20217 min read

When our members come to us, it's usually because they've been struggling to make dropshipping work.

Often they've had difficulty choosing a niche, finding UK suppliers offering next-day delivery and they haven't been able to scale profitably using paid ads.

One of our members Taye said: "There are many cheap courses out there, but I needed a mentorship program to guide me through each step with regular coaching calls as I have lots of questions!" In this video, you'll hear why our members decided to join the Dropship Unlocked community and how their lives have changed since they launched their UK dropshipping businesses.

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Video Transcript

What, I've really enjoyed about the course is the fact that it's really straightforward.

I'd say the most helpful thing about this course is, it's really easy to follow. Jampacked with information and all.

This course is helped me so much develop as a person, and achieve things that I never would have thought I would achieve in my whole life.

The program is absolutely incredible, and I'm glad to say that I've already made my first sale.

The program is really easy to follow. Step-by-step progress.

The course is really well set up for you.

He will teach you how to do your business the right way.

The thing I love about this course is the simplicity of it.

The actual program itself is really enjoyable. I love doing it.

I've loved the program so far. There's so much to learn and every little detail gets covered, which is very helpful to complete beginners like myself.

What we really like about Lewis is he is patient, he's kind, you can tell by his voice that he's sincere.

And I actually have now, a lot of ideas of how to develop my business, thanks to his advice.

The program has been amazing in terms of covering all of the angles of research, choosing the right product, and also presenting it the best way. The level of detail has been amazing, and it's been explained so clearly from start to finish. Lewis really does cover everything.

The fact that we have coaching calls as well, twice a week, it makes a lot of the difference for people like me, that have always a lot of questions that makes it different.

I benefit a lot from the twice a week, live coaching calls, because I can just jump in and ask any question I have at any stages.

I love the coaching calls because, it's just great to know that twice a week, you can jump on a call. If you've got a burning question, you know you can get an answer within a few days.

The live coaching calls, firstly very important to me because, in the past, I've bought some courses where you essentially have old, pre-recorded videos with no real help or advice and nothing current and up-to-date. I think that this kind of e-commerce space moves on very quickly, so having the weekly calls and speaking to Lewis, whenever you need to twice a week. He's also running stores, I think is invaluable, and something that I really wanted when I was looking at making the investment.

In the Facebook group, everyone replies to your questions, if you have any. And also, the two times a week call is extremely helpful, because if you have a question, you don't have to wait that long before you get your question answered. So you'd have the group chat and you have Lewis there if you need them. So, if you have a question, if you're stuck on any part of the course, you'll be able to get that sorted right away.

I thoroughly enjoyed the live coaching calls when we'd go on them, because that's when you hear from other people as well.

Lewis was helpful answering all the questions I had.

It feels like you're part of a larger network with colleagues you can bounce questions off, rather than working alone.

The reason I come on to this course was, because I wanted to build a UK based business, and this course teaches you how to set up a UK based business.

When I found Lewis, it just seemed to make sense because he was from the UK. He was talking about dealing with UK suppliers and not dropshipping from China, and all those things really appeal to me. He just seemed like a very personable guy, and I thought he seemed trustworthy. I looked into it further and it felt right.

Very professional and all the other ones were still doing dropship from China.

I turn to drop ship on a lot because it was made by someone from the UK, for customers in the UK.

So far in the program, I've really enjoyed Lewis' direct involvement with the program. The fact that you join a community of like-minded individuals who are all kind of striving to become successful in the dropshipping space as well.

The program is so easy. It explains everything for you.

Asking the Facebook group gives you access to so many different people who've been through the experience, which is really helpful and was definitely one of the reasons why I decided to sign up for this course.

I've been on other courses where you can go on the Facebook page and there are just so many thousands of people on there. It just feels like it's just too much. It's too many answers. Whereas this, it feels a lot more intimate, if you like.

I have just recently celebrated my 200th sale. I made my first sale and now I've made 200 sales. In this month alone, I've made 40,000 pounds in revenue. In total, I've made 85,000 pounds. I've just now hit the VAT thresholds on becoming a registered company, and I've doubled my salary from what I was doing at my old job.

And my first store has approximately made about 3,000 pounds in sales. This happened over the course of two weeks of going live.

Up to now, my actual total revenue is about 30,500. Since when I launched the store, which was four months ago.

To anyone who is unsure about the program, I highly, highly recommend it. I would say to stop thinking about it and do it. There's nothing you could possibly lose. Get started straight away,

Take the chance. Just ignore the stomach turning feeling that, is this right? Am I parting with all this money for the right reason? Or am I going to regret this? Or am I the person for it? Just do it. You'll feel great that you've actually invested in yourself.

You won't find a more comprehensive course, especially for the UK market.

And if you're thinking about to join the program, based on my experience so far, it's good.

I would say this program works. Give it time. It's not going to be easy, but it is worthwhile doing.

If you want to be freer in life, both in time and financially, I cannot recommend this program enough. Have confidence in yourself, and the program will do what is needed to make your efforts fruitful.

Investing in ourselves is the best thing we did, than not doing anything for months, as we are now at a stage where we can start to get the benefits of the investment we've made in ourselves.

The possibilities are endless. So stop thinking about it and just do it.

This education has been the best thing I've ever spent money on.

So Dropship Unlocked Masterclass with Lewis, it's been great. I do definitely recommend.


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